How does Tantric Yoga improve your intimate life? (in 3 classes)

With the specialists:

Yogui Vishwa Kumar of Hindu origin Sexologist
Sexólogo David Moncada, of Mexfam

We have created this event to promote self-care in the prevention of diseases of Sexual and Reproductive Health, considering yoga as a practice that favors the physical, mental and emotional health of the people.

It is a workshop of Tantric Yoga, divided into 3 classes:

  1. Yoga to reduce stress after a sinister. (October 27 at 9 AM)
  1. Tantric Yoga, a full communication with your body and with your partner. (October 28 at 9 AM)
  1. Tantric Yoga and how to direct your sexual energy for greater satisfaction. (October 28 at 5 PM)

You can take the classes individually. To participate you do not need to have previous experience with yoga, the only thing that is asked of the participants is to take their mat, to wear comfortable clothes and to contribute a donation:

1 class- donation of $ 900 pesos

2 classes- donation of $ 1,500 pesos

3 classes- donation of $ 2,000 pesos

(tax deductible receipt is delivered)

The amount will be donated to Fundación Mexicana para la Planeación Familiar A. C. (Mexfam), an institution that for 52 years has been assisting girls and women mainly in areas of difficult access and high vulnerability.

Especially on this occasion, the sum will help Mexfam continue to provide sexual and reproductive health services in the area of ​​Ixtaltepec, where it has a Community Service Center for more than 20 years, as in Mexico City, two locations where the earthquakes that struck Mexico have left a dramatic impact.

The motives of Tantric Yoga?

Sex must be demystified and tantric sex gives the practitioner the opportunity to enjoy pleasure in its essence, paying attention not only to the genitals but to the whole body as a whole.

In this workshop, we will first have a brief theoretical explanation about Sexuality and Sexual Education, and then address the basic principles of Tantric Yoga.

We will focus on how to implement some basic principles and practices in our lives without changing anything drastic for a healthy, happy, safe and intimate relationship.

Open to all levels of participants.


Tantric sex is part of a philosophy of life called tantra that arose in the East more than 4 thousand years ago. The sexual part is just a small part of it. This current is based on four basic pillars:

  • The 1st. key is to accept oneself and others as they are.
  • The 2nd. key is to be present in the moment with the five senses.
  • The 3rd. key to Tantric philosophy is to express what you feel and think.
  • The 4th. of these keys is harmonic and fluid movement. Or what we could denominate how to reach the balance

Workshop in Spanish and English.

The place for Yoga with cause is thanks to:
Integral School of Guzart Performing Arts
Country Club 179, Country Club Churubusco,
C.P. 04210, CDMX




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